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Synthetic Drug Seller Sentenced To Prison | News

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Synthetic Drug Seller Sentenced To Prison

Jamal Jones is known for saying "Get that f*&%in' camera out of here," when we broke the story about synthetic cocaine October, 2010.

FOX2 caught him selling the substance, hidden inside packaging called bath salts.  Now Chris Hayes explains how he's going to the Mo State Pen for selling another dangerous substance.

Jamal Jones was a salesman at Nights of Rave, Smoke Sensations on Page Avenue.  We shot video of him working there, just hours before he was sent to prison.  He still appeared to be selling dangerous substances up until the moment he was sentenced.

Since our first report, last October, police all across the United States have reported crimes and deaths tied to synthetic cocaine, disguised as bath salts.  Jamal Jones, meanwhile, was under indictment for selling a fatal Fentanyl patch to 28 year old David Green. On Wednesday, May 25, the Judge told Jones he should get down on his knees and thank his attorney for putting a 10 year max on the plea deal.   Judge Dan Pelikan said, "I disagree when people call this nonviolent.." and added, "This [death] was caused by your actions as a drug dealer."

Jones' boss, Pam Tabatt said she'll keep selling synthetic drugs at Nights of Rave in St. Louis County and her South 94 Bait, Tackle & Smoke Shop in Weldon Spring.  I caught up with her after sentencing.  An unidentified woman tried to keep me away.

The unidentified woman said, "How do you feel?"

I asked Tabatt "Are you going to keep selling this stuff?"

Tabatt "It's going to be illegal anyway, at the end of August."

Tabatt added, "Let me say something here. Number One, what we're doing is legal, OK.  Alcohol is legal.  When does it become the adult responsibility?  Whatever they do is what they do.  And they have a consequence as well do they?  Or do they not?"

Chris Hayes responded, "If you push somebody off a bridge do you just hope that they can swim?"

Tabatt said, "I would never push somebody off a bridge."

Hayes, "Then why would you give them something their body cannot handle?"

An unidentified woman babbled something about alcohol and Tabatt said, "Exactly. Liquor."

Hayes, "This isn't alcohol, the Medical Examiner has looked at this. A toxicologist has looked at this and said it could be stronger than cocaine."

Unidentified woman, "What is it then? Alcohol's a drug."

Tabatt walked away and Hayes followed, "Where are you coming off that you are smarter about this than a toxicologist?"

Tabatt, "I'm not saying I'm smarter about this than anybody."

Hayes, "You're saying it's just like alcohol."

Tabatt, "No, I did not say it was like alcohol."

Tabatt kept walking away.

The victim's father, David Green St. expressed his relief after sentencing, while surrounded by his family.  "I liked what the Judge said he uh, in fact I think he wanted to give Jamal more time, but his hands were tied to that plea agreement so he gave him the maximum. That's all we can hope for and I'll sleep tonight better than I did last night."

Ten years in the State Pen, where the Judge said Jamal Jones will have time to change.  Then he looked at Jones and added, "I hope you can."


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